november biz goals

October has been a month of adjustments. We moved. My youngest son had never lived anywhere else so, this move was all new to him. My boys are now sharing a room for the first time and that can be hit or miss depending on the day. We experimented with new ways of getting to and from school, bus, drop off and walking to see which route was the best for everyone. We are all settled in and really enjoying the new place.
This did take up a fair amount of my time in October so, I guess I can forgive the areas where my productivity took a nose dive.

October Goals
  • alphabet bunting painting for little girls room - I dropped the ball on this and need to get an 8x10 canvas so I can start.
  • graphic design work for Olive- work in progress
  • work on outright accounting program - yay! I finally got this up and running. Very humbling to see what I am actually bringing in vs. going out. I have some planning to do for 2012.
  • follow along with esty's holiday boot camp and whip shop into shape - well I started off strong and them lost momentum. I'll try to keep up.
  • add to shop: art pendants, bookmarks, greeting card sets - I got 2 bottlecap bookmarks added but that is all.
  • blog about new watercolor sketches and scrabble artwork - done, blogged here, here and here.
  • creative every day autumn theme - seasonal dream board sounds interesting and I'm going to try and start with fall - yay! so happy to have done this. See my seasonal dream board.
  • move into our new rental home and get settled! - all set.
  • family walks, yoga and dance - a few walks, one yoga session and no dancing.
  • others things i accomplished this month ... posted 4 new recycled bottlecap magnet sets, completed wedding ceremony card and favor tag for Sara & Josh's garden inspired wedding suite (which I need to share with you this month), and have been following along with the World's Biggest Summit presented by Goddess Leonie. So amaaazing!

November Goals
  • art every day challenge, create art every day this month!
  • graphic work: Olive
  • graphic work: Jamie
  • add to shop: art pendants
  • add to shop: greeting card sets
  • work on: alphabet painting for little girls room
  • work on: a new mandala painting
  • work on: invitations blog page
  • read: the money book
  • esty's holiday boot camp
  • family walks, yoga and dance
Through it all I want to remember to be grateful. November is a great month to notice the little things and say thanks. With our weather finally cooling off we are looking forward to lots of outdoor play and picnics. I hope you have a wonderful month creating art, working towards your goals whatever they may be and giving thanks.

If you would like to join in the Meetup biz goals fun, head on over to Athena Dreams to read more about how we support one another and how to join in.

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