my first seasonal dream board | ced: autumn

One of my creative goals is to make seasonal dream boards. This month's Creative Every Day theme is Autumn and that fit right in with me wanting to start a fall dream board so, yesterday I finally got to it. It has taken me sooo long to get myself psyched up to start a dream board but, once I started it only took 30 minutes to complete. I choose all sorts of things to inspire me for the season: recipes, home decor, paper goods, plants and flowers, colors and sayings. I think this will be a really great way to make use of all the wonderful magazines I have lying around and get me excited for each season, I don't know why it has taken me so long to embrace the whole idea of a dream board, but I am happy I finally did! I choose a simple cork board and push pins setup so I can easily rotate the images each season and if something isn't working for me or I come across a new piece of inspiration I simply change it up in the moment.

Have you created a dream board or vision board? I'd love to hear how you used one to help manifest your dreams!

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