dreams and transformation

A couple of weeks ago I dreamed of a snake shedding it's skin. In my dream, I never saw the snake but, I did see his old skin lying around. I searched for the snake out of fear it would creep up but, I never found it and I was at peace not finding it - thinking it simply moved on. I don't remember dreams often but, this one was vivid and stuck around even after I woke up so, I had to check into it.

Before I get into the meaning, here is a little back story ... I had this dream a few days after I applied to a drawing teacher position and was offered an interview.  So, I has all these feelings of excitement and opportunity with a heavy dose of fear.  I haven't been on a interview in about 10 years.  So, I was a little anxious about it.

Okay, back to the dream meaning.  This is what I found ...

Snakes shedding their skin is a symbol for ridding oneself of what one no longer needs in favor of accepting something new. The process of shedding skin is not simple for a snake, nor is it so in our waking lives. Snakes speak to transformation, death and rebirth, the taking on of a new skin, new roles, responsibilities and even attitudes...snake sheds its skin and grows new skin; shedding the old, new growth. A snake appearing in your dream may very well be telling you that despite the temporary discomfort you must go through, it may be time to release old relationships, careers, or habits in order to renew and reclaim your life. Lastly, when you dream about snake skin it could represent that you are identifying differently with your process of creativity.

How spot on is that?!  I had my interview, was happy to learn more about what the program was all about and was offered a job with the Young Rembrandt's program.  I will be teaching drawing to elementary aged children after school starting in August - woo hoo! The idea of trying something entirely new in my art career is exhilarating and I am up for the challenge.  I am not sure exactly where this opportunity will lead but, I do know that it will be a wonderful experience and will answer questions I have about the possibility of continuing my education to teach art in the future.


art masterpiece: seurat and ruebens

With the school year coming to an end so, is the art masterpiece volunteer program. I am sad for it to end. It has been a really great experience this year and has even lead to a new opportunity that I will talk more about soon. Here are the two works of art we talked about in May.

Seine at La Grande Jatte by George Seurat

  1. About the Artist
    George Seurat (SuRah) was born in Paris in 1859. He died when he was only 31 years old. He had 1 brother and 1 sister. He went to art school and got interested in scientific color theory.

  2. What do you see in the painting? boats, person, tree, grass. What is on the opposite bank? building or mansion. How many people and boats do you see?

  3. What does it look like close-up? Far away? Explained how close up you can see all the texture and individual colors and you move further away the colors blend to show the full picture.

  4. Do you see any dots on this painting? This painting style is called Pointillism. Dot-to-dot painting is called pointillism. Creating tiny dots of specifics colors next to each other allowed the viewer to blend the color with their eyes. Imagine you were a painter and you create your paintings only with dots, At first it may be fun but after awhile you may get bored … drive you crazy …

  5. How long do you think it took to make a painting using only dots? Just 1 painting took 1-2 years to finish. This one took 23 drawings and 38 painting sessions. He would study very carefully and spend months doing sketches to figure out how many dots it would take to fill the canvas before he started painting.

  6. Let’s talk about the texture in this painting. First he would paint the canvas white and then squeezed dots straight from the paint tube. That would leave little raised areas on the canvas.

  7. How does this painting make you feel? Many said relaxed, calm, want to be there.
Helene Fourment with Her Children by Peter Paul Ruebens
  1. About the Artist
    Peter Paul Ruebens was born in Germany in 1577. Very popular artist. He was rich and famous. He painted Kings & Queens but he also painted children. He loved children.

  2. What do you see in the painting? Do you think he knew the people in the painting? Who are they? The painting is of Helene, his second wife and 2 of their children. Daughter Clara and son Frans. They had 5 children together. He also had 3 children from his first marriage.

  3. How many children did the artist have? 8 - My first math related question to the kids and they enjoyed this.

  4. How old does his wife look? Helene was 21 years old when this was painted. She married Peter Paul when she was 16 years old.

  5. Do you think this painting is finished? Why not? Something’s are detailed (faces, hands) and others have no details (background, chair).

  6. Let’s talk about the texture and shadows in this painting. This painting was made on wood with oil paints. This painting style is called Baroque. Baroque is a religious paintings that are realistic, easy to understand and show emotional reactions. Baroque shows contrast of light and shadows.

  7. How do you think the artist felt when he painted this picture? Do you think the artist loved the people in this painting? The looks on their faces, the emotion, natural looks of love.

  8. This artist painted more than 1,000 paintings! He was able to do this because he had hired artists to help him finish his paintings. He was very popular and having help was the only way he could finish them all.
Both kindergarten classes thanked me and showed me their appreciation in their own heart warming ways.

Mrs. O's class made a book of drawings with their favorite work of art we saw this year. I couldn't beleieve some of the kids remebered one that they saw early in the year. So cool.

Mrs. B's class (Ethan's class) had an ice cream social at school for all the parent volunteers and gifted us ice cream scoops. It was really cute and the kids were super excited.

My son's class had 9 parent volunteers this year that helped out with various classroom needs. Isn't that great? I don't know what a typical class has since this is my eldest son's first year but, to me, it seems pretty wonderful and I am so grateful for it.


new copper necklaces

I have some new necklaces for sale in my etsy shop! These "deep dish" pendants are my favorite style of pendants I have worked with so far.


guest blogging

Hi! I'm guest blogging on Soft Flex Company's blog today. Today's post is a little about me and my background in design. I will be posting there monthly about small business tips for design, marketing and motivation. Hope you will join me!


painting in progress: scooby

Scooby 5-9-2010

I ended up removing his front legs during this session. I was having a hard time getting them right so, I decided it was best to clear the canvas and start fresh. I think I may need to position them back a bit further then I did originally. Hopefully it comes together.

Here is my little artist who joined me during this painting session.


intuition and things my mother has taught me

I painted this picture frame for my mom for mother's day (it will be mailed soon, I promise)! I wanted a frame that matched the feel of the family photo we are giving her and something I know would feel at home in her decor so, channeled the creative every day theme intuition as I painted. Here's the end result ...

My mother has been so important to me throughout my life. I respect her strength and wisdom and feel honored to be her daughter. I'd have to say the most important things that my mother has taught me are:
  • Be generous.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Carve out time for yourself.
  • Family comes before everything.
  • Be social and spend time getting to know people.
Thank you mom, I love you! xoxo

To see what others have been working on this week for the intuition theme, click here.


"sweets and treats" + a giveaway!

As I posted last week, I made an ice cream necklace for East Valley Artisans April theme exchange of "sweets and treats". This month I was the lucky winner of the adorable little ice cream sundae earrings by Trish (see #2 below). Since ice cream is my all time favorite treat, I love them! Tonight, I wanted to show off all the exchange pieces made. Everything was super cute. I mean, really, really super cute. Take a look:

1. Box of Donuts by Jeannie - Jean's Beads
2. Ice Cream Sundae Earrings by Trish - Little Silver Stars
3. Ice Cream Sundae by Jeannie - Jean's Beads
4. Ice Cream Necklace by me - Creative Stash
5. Candy Necklace by Melissa - The Silver Nest
6. Cupcake Necklace by Kandes - Kandes Lee

Don't miss the jewelry giveaway on our EVA blog ... Only 5 days left to enter! A winner will be chosen on May 10th!

East Valley Artisans is a varied mix of artists from painting to paper to sculpture and jewelry. Please support our economy, support local business, support our artists. Become a fan on Facebook!


magnet sets and party favors

I have been creating magnets sets from recycled bottle caps and art prints of my paintings. They have been met with such enthusiasm that I can barely make them fast enough! As soon as I run out of supplies I seem to have a request for more. This is good thing! It makes me really happy to know my little art print magnets are bringing a smile to people's faces and a little joy to their fridge all while recycling too!

My niece is making her First Holy Communion this weekend and my sister in law decided my bottle cap magnets would make a great favor for the party guests. So, I ...

packaged up 50 individual magnets into mini white organza bags

designed and printed favor cards

and viola, sweet little party favors!

You can now find these magnet party favors as well as the magnets sets for sale in my etsy shop.

To my friends and family, thank you for all the kind words, support and orders! It is so very appreciated. Love you! <3


monthly goal meetup

It's a new month which means it's time for the monthly goal Meet Up at Athena Dreams. The Meet Up is a monthly goal sharing group.

Here were my April goals ...

  1. add magnets to etsy shop - added 4 magnet sets and 3 ice cream necklaces!
  2. create & package up 50 magnets for communion favors - 50 magnets done just need to wrap up packaging
  3. continue web site freelance project - in progress
  4. buy art materials for new products: copper pendants - done
  5. scooby painting (my first ever pet portrait) - in progress
  6. get to the gym 3-4x a week and get moving in some way the other days - blah!
And here we go into May ...
  1. create & add copper necklaces to etsy shop
  2. blog about magnet favors & add option to etsy shop
  3. blog about wedding invitation designs & add samples to etsy shop
  4. get started with quickbooks!
  5. continue web site freelance project
  6. continue scooby painting (my first ever pet portrait)
  7. get to the gym at least 3x a week!
Wishing everyone a creative and productive month!


painting in progress, scooby

Scooby, 5-2-2010

I finally got out into the studio today for some painting! It had been almost 2 months, waaay too long. Here is the progress of my first ever pet portrait. I still have a ways to go but, it's coming along nicely, I think. Both kids joined me for some painting today too. :D