washcloth bunnies

Petite Planet shows you how to make these adorable washcloth bunnies for your Easter baskets. Choose washcloths in a festive color and bring them to life as cute little bunnies! They may then be used as washcloths for bath time or you can put an ice cube in the little loop you formed for their body and use as boo-boo bunnies to cool any bumps and bruises.

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creative every day: stories

I went to the park last week with some girlfriends and their kids. It was beautiful outside and just what I needed to unwind. I have been a bit wound tight with all the thinking and planning for our upcoming vacation. Anyway, my friend Stacy mentioned some art in a children book she read and how pretty it was. It got me thinking about this month's theme of stories. And all the wonderful children stories and art we have on our book selves.

Here are our favorite stories with some wonderful illustrations:

I Love You, Little One by Nancy Tafuri
One Moose, Twenty Mice by Clare Beaton

Ten Little Rabbits by Virginia Grossman


painting in progress, scooby

Underpainting 2-27-10

I am working on my first pet portrait of my long time and close friend's dog, Scooby. I'm a little apprehensive about capturing and portraying Scooby. I have never attempted something as personal as a portrait but, I welcome the challenge to try something new. It's pretty cute seeing Scooby's picture everyday, taped to my easel.

When I recently read about underpainting I knew I wanted to try this technique on Scooby's painting. Again something I've never done. I have to say, it was really helpful to start with one neutral color to define the layout and work out any kinks!


creative every day: stories

I am so disconnected from this month's creative every day theme of stories. This one should be a no brainer, right? Wrong. I have had a hard time wrapping my head around what to create inspired by stories. What kinds of stories do I have to tell? I'm just not sure.

We are going on our first family vacation of the year this month and my mind is so wrapped up in planning, packing and getting things in order that there isn't much room left over for imagination. While I am imaginatively stuck right now ... we are anticipating quite the adventure in New York and that will get us out of our routines, shake things up, and is sure to create some stories!

To see what others have been working on for the stories theme, just click here.

Just as a side note, there was a lovely article about stories on the simplemom blog this week: Houses have windows homes have stories.


happy st. patty's day!

Happy St Patty's Day! Family, fun, beer and all things green! What's not to love? To celebrate, I'll be enjoying a few brew-skies and baking my great-grandmother's Irish Soda Bread. Her recipe originated in Ireland and has been passed down to my grandmother, then my mother and now me. Cheers!

St. Patrick's Day Toast
Here’s to a long life and a merry one.
A quick death and an easy one
A pretty girl and an honest one
A cold beer – and another one!


flex your creativity beading contest

Enter Soft Flex Company's steampunk design beading contest
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The top 10 winners also may be showcased in the following ways:
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i heart alisa burke

I think Alisa Burke paints and makes the coolest stuff! I started reading her blog a few months ago and was instantly smitten with her, her art, and the many different but connected ways she expresses herself.

I realized this week when talking to Bert that I really am a huge fan of hers. It's inspiring to see someone do so much with her art so freely, with no boundaries and enjoys the journey ever so much. It gives me inspiration that I too, one day could be at "that place" all my own and in my own form.

I have her book Canvas Remix on hold at the library and cant wait to read it. Now ... if I can just talk that wonderful husband of mine into gifting me one of her crazy cool clutches. Hint, hint. :)


rainbow spotting!

As much of the country has been hit with snow we in sunny Arizona have been on the rainy side. The rain is a rare treat for us and with it I hold memories of where I grew up. And I love it. Having so much rain this year has reminded me just how much I love it. My creativity yesterday was flowing and I know it had to do with the soothing sounds, smells and sights of rain. Always clears me + we saw this beautiful full spectrum rainbow in our backyard! Hudson was very excited and wanted to know when were going to ride down it. Precious.

So what did I do that was so creative yesterday? Well ... I made 3 pairs wire wrapped earrings for gifts, 2 wire wrapped gift tags (a soon-to-be free project idea on Soft Flex Company's website) and I made whole wheat strawberry muffins! Yum.


art materpiece: magritte and leger

Every other Wednesday I head into 2 kindergarten classes to volunteer my time and give a short art history lesson with assigned prints. Here are the prints I presented in February:
The Surprise Answer by Rene Magritte
  1. About the Artist
    Rene Magritte was born in Belgium in 1898 (that’s 112 years ago). He was the son of a tailor and had 2 younger brothers. He went to art school when he was 18 years old. He likes to create art based on dreams and fantasies. He mixes the real with the unreal. That is called surrealism.

  2. Does this fit surrealism … based on dreams and fantasies?
    Sure does.

  3. The name of this painting is The Surprise Answer. Do you think that is a good name? What would you name this painting? Most agreed with the name.

  4. What do you see in the painting?
    Door and Hole in the middle of the door. When discussing the hole the kids really LOVED dreaming up all the ways this hole could have appeared; laser beams, bomb blasts, falling though door, dinosaur went through it, spiders ate around the edge and then it fell and the list goes on ...

  5. We talked about the “elements of design” in this painting: Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Space.

  6. If this painting could make a sound, what kind of sound or music would it make? Mysterious music (like Scooby doo).

  7. Would you go through this door? Do you think you would have to open the door to get through it? Most said no (scary, unknown, dark) but a few said yes (curious, hoping something good was inside, not scared)

  8. The artist is communicating with you. He wants you to think! Why do you think the artist painted it? His paintings ask questions of reality and illusion. His paintings surprise us and make us question what we see. It is mysterious. The painting does not “mean” anything, because mystery means nothing, it is unknown.
The kids really enjoyed telling me all about their dreams. Some said they would go through the door out of curiosity and a others said no way cause they didn't know what was behind it. One class liked the what kind of music question the best and the other class liked thinking of how this hole happened . Overall I was amazed at how much was talked about with a seemingly simple painting.

Leisure: Homage to Louis David by Fernand Leger, 1948-49
  1. About the Artist
    Fernand Leger was born in Normandy in 1881 (that’s 129 years ago!) and he lived to be 74 years old.

  2. What would you name this painting?
    The name of this painting is Leisure: Homage to Louis David. Homage means tribute.

  3. What do you see in the painting?
    People and bicycles

  4. What else do you see?
    Birds, clouds, flowers, seaweed, sand, crabs

  5. We talked about the “elements of design” in this painting: Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Space.

  6. If this painting could make a sound, what kind of sound or music would it make? Birds chirping, whooshing wind, water and waves

  7. What do you think is taking place in this painting? It appears as a fun family outing showing people, nature and machines (the bicycles) in harmony. Some may have gone swimming and they were taking a break from bike riding.

  8. Look at the clothing, what do you notice? Men in suites (would you ride you bike and go to the beach in your suite? No...), some in bathing suits may have gone swimming.

  9. The artist is communicating with you. He wants you to think! Why do you think the artist painted it? What was his message? As shown in this painting this particular artist felt that everything in a painting was equally important.
This one was interesting as one class thought the crabs and seaweed were in the picture because the people were zombies or mermaids, under water where the other class simply thought they were by the beach. They enjoyed thinking about all the sounds this picture would make.


monthly goal meetup

It's the beginning of the month which means it's time for the monthly goal Meet Up at Athena Dreams. The Meet Up is a monthly goal sharing group.

Here were my February goals ...

  1. finish the 3 wedding invitation suites I am freelancing - in progress
  2. continue work on a web site freelance project - in progress
  3. buy resin to make magnets - done!
  4. add magnets to etsy shop - so close! I have the resin poured, waiting for it to cure and then need to glue magnets and post on etsy ...
  5. buy art materials for new products: new canvas, chain and pendants - bought canvas, still need chain & pendants.
  6. get to the gym 3-4x a week - continuing to work on this!
And here we go into March ...
  1. add magnets to etsy shop
  2. finish 3 wedding invitation suites
  3. continue 1 web site freelance project
  4. buy art materials for new products: chain and pendants
  5. scooby painting (my first ever pet portrait painting)
  6. get to the gym 3-4x a week and get moving in some way the other days
Wishing everyone a creative and productive month with a little sprinkle of Irish luck!