i heart alisa burke

I think Alisa Burke paints and makes the coolest stuff! I started reading her blog a few months ago and was instantly smitten with her, her art, and the many different but connected ways she expresses herself.

I realized this week when talking to Bert that I really am a huge fan of hers. It's inspiring to see someone do so much with her art so freely, with no boundaries and enjoys the journey ever so much. It gives me inspiration that I too, one day could be at "that place" all my own and in my own form.

I have her book Canvas Remix on hold at the library and cant wait to read it. Now ... if I can just talk that wonderful husband of mine into gifting me one of her crazy cool clutches. Hint, hint. :)


Alisa Burke said...

Ahhh thanks for the blog love Kristen!!

Kristen said...

You're welcome Alisa! I am reading your book and love the projects! especially the jewelry related ones as that merges my love for painting and jewelry design. Thanks for the inspiration and keep on keepin on - doing what you love.