35 things to do before i turn 35

Most people do the "before I turn 30" lists, but since I'm a few years late for that (and a sucker for lists), I decided to create a wish list of things I would like to do before 35 to live my wonderful life.

35 Things To Do Before I Turn 35

1. have more fun

2. donate my hair

4. lose 30 lbs, maintain

5. have my work in an art show

6. go sledding

7. invest in a quality printer

8. have an emergency fund

9. fly in a hot air balloon with my husband

10. grow a garden

11. do art work for a charity

12. take an art workshop

13. play in the leaves

14. watch less tv

15. show those i love that i love them

16. create a vision / dream board

17. meditate and practice yoga on my own

18. own a hammock

19. explore art and nature with my kids

20. be a vegetarian for a month

21. go to a creative retreat

22. take a martial arts class

23. participate in the sketchbook project

24. visit a foreign country

25. begin my second gratitude journal

26. volunteer for a cause I believe in

27. paint with ochre rock dust

28. write a manifesto

29. create a real business plan

30. sell prints of my artwork

31. go to a yoga / spiritual retreat

32. live in the moment

33. read at least 25 books on my list.

34. visit the grand canyon

35. find the perfect place for our family to live

I might not love the idea of getting older, but I do love the idea of having 2 years to fill with the amazing 35 things on the list above.  

Tell me what's on your list. Have you created a wish list of your own?


one moment: hitting the trail

My OM this week is taking the time to explore a community trail. Trails that meander through our community are a nice perk that I have not taken advantage of until now. You see, I cancelled my gym membership this month and not having my zumba and yoga classes readily available has made me a little anxious (especially since I packed on some unwanted pounds this summer) so, I came up with a plan. After the kids get on the bus for school I would to take a walk, every day.  I decided to make the trail closest to our home my first destination. I walk to it, then do interval running/walking while on the trail and walk home. It takes about 30 minutes and has been really great to be outside each morning while its a cool 90 degrees. ;)

The quiet trail has been a destination I look forward too. I was sad about leaving my gym classes but, in hindsight I had become pretty comfortable and the shake up in my workout is just what I needed to re-motivate myself and I shed 2 lbs! Plus, I have been seeing bunnies each morning and they make me smile.

One Moment [OM] is a weekly meet up that promotes living in the moment.  Whether funny, sad, ridiculous, or banal, looking for these moments can promote balance in our lives. I decided to join in the fun. You may want to too – you can read more about it here.


new braided necklaces for sale

 These pretty braided necklaces are for sale in my shop. With three different vibes, you are sure to find one that is a perfect fit for you. Necklaces are 18 inches long and finished with a lobster clasp. Only 1 week left to Save 33% off anything in my shop. Simply enter code BDAY33 at checkout. 



birthday treats

I was spoiled rotten with birthday cash this year. Some may think that sounds impersonal but, I love and appreciate it so much. Money is always tight and having spending cash means I can browse my ever growing wish list of lovely things and actually make a purchase! So what did I treat myself to this year?

This handmade hemp purse / clutch / wallet from Ickady Bag. I haven't bought a new bag in so long, I have been rotating the ones in my closet for awhile and now that my kids are no longer babies I wanted something small and I am in need of a new wallet so, this purse / clutch / wallet sounded perfect! It was shipped today and I can't wait until it arrives.

This bamboo/organic cotton shirt with a lotus flower that has been created and hand silk-screened by The Lotus Root. A bamboo shirt has been on my wish list for some time. They are super soft and are supposed help with sweat which is something I have a teensy problem with.This shirt arrived this week and I LOVE it.

Luscious Boca Red No Miss Non Toxic Nail Polish. This is my first time buying non toxic polish, it went on smoothly and looks great. It took longer to dry then traditional nail polish but, not much. Totally worth it!

Lastly, I bought a new address book, a weight loss/food journal and The Yoga Deck with a Barnes and Noble gift card. My address book is in desperate need of an update, I really need to keep myself in check with the journal and I am hoping The Yoga Deck makes it easier for me keep up my yoga practice at home.

I am so grateful for all the birthday wishes I received this year. I am feeling extra special and oh so happy! Thank you!!!

P.S. Don't forget I am having a birthday sale, save 33% off anything in my shop with the coupon code BDAY33, good through August 31st. Visit my shop now.


ced: red sunflowers

Continuing to play with watercolor paints and this month's creative every day red theme, I painted some red sunflowers.


pretty braided necklaces + braided jewelry inspiration

I am a braid-o-maniac! I have been braiding things like it's going on of style (which I hope it isn't because I'm having too much fun). Braids all the rage these days ... from hair to jewelry to accessories I see braids everywhere! I jumped on the braid train and created some pretty Soft Flex Wire braided necklaces. All three use the same technique - braiding 3 colors of .019 Soft Flex Wire with beads - yet, each one has it's own personality. 

Subtle beauty can be seen with the spinel, copper and antique brass design, there is a fresh beach vibe with the turquoise blue topaz, tanzanite and white quartz design and the bone, yellow lemon topaz and bronze design is given a touch of opulence with topaz crystals.

To have your own fun with braids check out these inspiring tutorials I am sharing over at Soft Flex Company's blog. Hope you'll hop on over and check them out!


my first hemp necklace

I gave my little man Hudson a hemp necklace that used to be mine. He's been wearing it to daycare and Ms. Laura's daughter (who he adores) said she liked it. So, he decided we needed to make her one. Never one to back down to a crafty challenge I said sure, bought some hemp and checked out some tutorials online. I found these two videos; How to Start Hemp Necklaces and Making a Spiral Knot Hemp Bracelet, the most helpful to me.

Being someone who has a fondness for all things hemp it's strange that I never made a hemp necklace before. After I got the hang of it I let Hudson get some good knots in. I ran out of hemp about half way through and needed to tie on extra but in the end it wasn't noticeable.Once done, Hudson picked out a lampwork flower pendant and I picked out a bead for the clasp and my first hemp necklace was born.

I have to say the process was truly meditative. I carried it around in my purse for the weekend and knotted when I had free time. I enjoyed the repetitiveness and portability of the project. I think making one for myself is the logical next step, right?


first day of school + printable lunch box notes

First day of school! My little man was all sorts of nervous and excited this morning for Kindergarten. I wish I could meet him for lunch but, the hubster thinks I should let him experience his first day on his own. I know he's right, so instead I'll let his lunch box note let him know I'm thinking of him.

I tried lunch box notes when Ethan went to Kindergarten and after 2 days he kindly asked me to stop. I guess he didn't think it was cool for him to be getting notes and stickers from his mom as he was a big kid and all. But with Hudson starting school, I had to give it another shot . I browsed pinterest (the best thing since sliced bread, am I right?) and found printable lunch box notes by Lori McDonough of Fresh Picked Whimsy that I thought had a "cool kid" vibe.

Visit Fresh Picked Whimsy to print your own!


new painting, teach play love

 Teach Play Love
Acrylic on Canvas 12x12, 2011

My youngest son will be starting kindergarten and as exciting as that is (and it is so exciting!), he will be leaving his second home - Ms. Laura's Daycare and Preschool. He began going to Laura's when he was just 6 months old, so it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to her and her family and all the wonderful friends we have made there. Our family has been so blessed have found Laura. She is an amazing caregiver; kind, patient, nurturing and has taught my kids so much. She gave us peace of mind that they were well taken care of while we provided for our family and that has meant the world to my husband and I. To show my appreciation for Laura and her family I created this painting as a gift of gratitude.

Forever In My Heart
Although I'm not their mother
I care for them each day,
I cuddle, sing and read to them
And watch them as they play.
I see each new accomplishment,
I help them grow and learn.
I understand their language,
I listen with concern.
They come to me for comfort,
And I kiss away their tears.
They proudly show their work to me,
I give the loudest cheers!
No, I 'm not their mother,
But my role is just as strong.
I nurture them and keep them safe,
Though maybe not for long.
I know someday the time will come,
When we will have to part.
But I know each child I cared for,
Is forever in my heart!
~ Author Unknown ~


watercolors and the color red

I picked up a watercolor sketchbook - yay! I have my book and watercolors in my bedroom so, that I can end my day with a little painting. This month's creative every day theme is red so, I have been using lots of red in my work.

I am trying to get a feel for how watercolors work exactly. As you see with this feather, I tried applying layers like I do with acrylic paint and it turned out really muddy (see the middle of the feather). I also tried mixing colors directly on the paper as I often do with acrylic instead of on a palette and found that it didn't really work out.

For my next sketch, I lightened up and tried not to have such a heavy hand. The red maple leaf I drew is much looser and I think it works well with the paints softer qualities.

And with this tree sketch, I felt a bit more in control. I had a nice calm feeling while painting, letting the paint lead me instead of me leading it.


daughters grow in a garden of love

I was delightfully commissioned to do a painting for a baby girl's nursery. The mother doesn't have a specific theme or color palette for the nursery so, I focused on creating something girly and filled with beauty and of course flowers came to my mind but, I didn't want to stop there - I added some loving words about daughters, I think it adds just the right about of sweetness to the painting.

Want to commission me to create a special painting for you?  Please feel free to email me to discuss your project. To see more of my work visit my artwork page.


blue braided bracelet

During July, I got bite by the braiding bug, the trend seems to be everywhere and I love it! I braided a couple of bracelets with soft flex wire and seed beads. Last month's Creative Every Day theme was blue so, that inspired the color palette. After braiding I realized I didn't have any 3x3mm crimp tubes to finish the design. I hope to pick some up from Sara this weekend (I'll be at her house helping stuff the wedding invites I designed for her, woo hoo!).


It's my birthday and I can have a sale if I want to!

Ice Cream Wish Necklace

August is my birthday month and I am celebrating my 33rd birthday by offering you a coupon to save 33% off anything in my shop. Simply enter code BDAY33 at checkout.

august biz goals

I pretty much got to everything on my list for July. August is my birthday month (woo hoo!!!), the boys start school next week and we are preparing for a move across the country so I will be keeping things extra simple with an emphasis on creativity instead of the business side of things. 

July Goals
  • S & J wedding invitation - sent to the printer, should arrive this week!
  • creative every day challenge - worked on bracelets based on the "blue" theme
  • continue packing and preparing for a move - yep still packing, sold some things too
  • possibly post a moving sale for Etsy shop? having a birthday sale instead
  • create pdf file for artwork page instead of the long list and then move on to design page - still to do
  • try and make time to move - I have not been good about the gym and am cancelling my membership due to moving but, I did do some yoga on my own. I have a hard time motivating myself at home to exercise so, that was a big step for me. 
 August Goals
  • promote etsy birthday sale
  • finish "blue" bracelets I started
  • creative every day challenge check in, theme this month is "red"
  • create a 35 before 35 list (sounds like fun!)
  • play with new watercolor paints and paper
  • continue preparing for move
  • make time to move - family walks, yoga and dance

If you would like to join in the Meetup biz goals fun, head on over to Athena Dreams to read more about how we support one another and how to join in.