my first hemp necklace

I gave my little man Hudson a hemp necklace that used to be mine. He's been wearing it to daycare and Ms. Laura's daughter (who he adores) said she liked it. So, he decided we needed to make her one. Never one to back down to a crafty challenge I said sure, bought some hemp and checked out some tutorials online. I found these two videos; How to Start Hemp Necklaces and Making a Spiral Knot Hemp Bracelet, the most helpful to me.

Being someone who has a fondness for all things hemp it's strange that I never made a hemp necklace before. After I got the hang of it I let Hudson get some good knots in. I ran out of hemp about half way through and needed to tie on extra but in the end it wasn't noticeable.Once done, Hudson picked out a lampwork flower pendant and I picked out a bead for the clasp and my first hemp necklace was born.

I have to say the process was truly meditative. I carried it around in my purse for the weekend and knotted when I had free time. I enjoyed the repetitiveness and portability of the project. I think making one for myself is the logical next step, right?

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