august goals

July was all about our family vacation. We had a great time visiting friends and family with time at the beach a visit to New York City and an enjoyable Phish concert. The first few days back I was in denial about being home, lounged around and did as little as possible. Then it took another week to get myself back on schedule.

June/July Goals

Business - Work on portfolio postcards. I have not given this project any of my time.

Art - Custom Alphabet Bunting painting, share mermaid painting, one new painting. Done, done and done.

Blog - Think about blog series and schedules. I thought about a few options for posts  but, mostly I have been thinking about moving my blog to wordpress and redesigning it with a proper portfolio. I narrowed it down to a few themes I like and want to take the leap and begin working on it.

Design - Work with a new wedding invitation design client, continue work with logo design clients. Finished invitation design & assembly for new wedding client and worked with a new graphic design client on business stationary.

Shop - Art necklace, and 8x10 prints and add one new painting to online shops. Art necklace has been added, the 8x10 prints I had printed are added. painting has been created just not added yet.

Read - I'd Rather Be in The Studio and Raising Freethinkers. Still reading I'd Rather Be in The Studio. I didn't get a chance to read Raising Freethinkers and brought it back to the library for another time. Instead I read  The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World.

Family - Drawing classes and activities from the Being your Best book with the kids, lots of movies, pool time and water play. We had lots of movies, pool and play time but, I wasn't able to get the drawing classes and activities together. My plate has been too full. Low key playtime has been more my speed this summer.

Health - Wheat free, drink 64 oz water a day and try a yoga class at my local recreation center. Wheat free! Still doing well. I was about 75% good on vacation and am working to be back at 100% wheat free again. Drinking water is still a struggle. I did a little yoga on my own, that felt good.

Soul - Meditate, journal (written or art) weekly, find some quiet time for myself. I went to a meditation circle for the first time, that was cool. I intend to go again and see how this helps me in my every day. Journaling is sporadic as is finding quiet time for myself but, I'm grateful for the time I have. 

August is my birthday month so, I plan to be a little extra kind to myself when possible. I have been in need of yellow paint for awhile and I saw this aqua color a month or two ago and couldn't stop thinking about it. So, while shopping for supplies for two weddings I'm working on, I bought a few tubes of  new paint to play with. What artist doesn't enjoy new supplies?!
August Goals

Business - Send portfolio postcards to printer. 

Art - Complete tree painting, think about reflection painting and whether it is done. Get both of these professionally photographed. Check out two art openings.

Blog - Decide on a wordpress theme.

Design - Continue work with clientson wedding day needs and business stationary.

Shop - Post about new additions in the shop to blog and facebook.

Read - The $100 Startup

Family - Enjoy kids going back to school, setting new routines and seeing school friends. 

Health - Wheat free, dairy free, drink 64 oz water a day and go to 2 yoga classes with my friend Kandes. 

Soul - Meditate, journal (written or art), find some quiet time for myself.

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