digital sketch: beetle

In this case I enjoy the computer sketch better then the original. It was created in Illustrator. I like the addition of the soft and transparent colors. The original sketch never quite felt finished to me but, the computer sketch in contrast has a complete feel. I was trying to establish a fantasy like quality with the color scheme, the many layers of pencil and I incorporated my handwriting from the journal into this computer sketch.


painting: lazy susans

Falling Leaves 11-2007

Grapevine 12-2007

White Flowers Jan -2008

The lazy susans all started with the leaves image up top. I was given a plain wooden lazy susan by my mother in law, Cindy. I kept it in my studio (aka garage) for awhile not sure what to do with it yet. Then, my sister got engaged in September and I was going back to NY to celebrate with them. I wanted to bring something nice, was thinking of doing a regular painting but remembered the lazy susan. They had just move into an apt so, I thought that would be a perfefct use for it. I hadn't painted in almost a year (very busy after my second son, Hudson was born). I had an idea in my head for falling leave probably the entire year so, when I started to paint it came together in a matter of hours. My fastest painting to date! I think it was bottled up for so long it just came pouring out once i started. That piece lead to my second & third lazy susans. The grapevine was for my parents (who have a wine theme throughout the home) and the white flowers was for Cindy. I haven't done any other since January but, I'm sure I will again soon.


digital sketch: tweet tweet

Journal Sketch: 5-2008

Computer Sketch: 5-2008

This I'm much more happy with! The computer sketch takes on the same life and feeling that the original has. This one came together pretty quickly too. I think I had my guard down and just went with my intuition - not stressing over any details and letting my hands draw with a normal light flow as I would on paper. Even though this is only my second attempt and I;m happy with it - I know deep down to get this type of result (and to refine it) is going to take lots of practice!

beading: mother's day

I spent 3 hours on Mother's Day Beading! Here are 2 Bracelet and Earring sets I created using Soft Flex Sterling Silver Extreme 925 Wire in .019 Diameter and Toggles from Soft Flex Company.