digital sketch: tweet tweet

Journal Sketch: 5-2008

Computer Sketch: 5-2008

This I'm much more happy with! The computer sketch takes on the same life and feeling that the original has. This one came together pretty quickly too. I think I had my guard down and just went with my intuition - not stressing over any details and letting my hands draw with a normal light flow as I would on paper. Even though this is only my second attempt and I;m happy with it - I know deep down to get this type of result (and to refine it) is going to take lots of practice!

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Carla said...

That is very cool Kristen! So you just draw on a pad then it creates the image? Like really advance etch a sketch for adults. :)
I think you, Sara & I need to BLOG each other since no one else makes comments :( Talk to you after this Sedona weekend!