antique tree earrings

I made these over the weekend.  I received the antique copper tree charms and findings as a gift from my co-worker and friend Jamie Hogsett last year.  Jamie gave me a thoughtful mix of jewelry findings and charms to have fun designing with. Isn't that a great gift idea for any artist or hobbyist?! It may have taken me awhile to make something with them but, now that I have, they are perfect and were totally worth the wait, I love them!  They look and feel very "me". In fact, I'm wearing them right now as I type this. Thanks, Jamie!

chalkboard party favors

For my son's birthday this year he wanted rainbow themed party favors.  He loves art and to color and I just love that he loves rainbows. They are so much fun but, there isn't much out there for 4 year old boys with a theme of rainbows. I love to make and give useful items whenever possible so, the minute I saw this how to: mini chalkboards tutorial on Craftzine I knew it was perfect!  I discussed the idea with Hudson and he was excited about it. Here is how we created the favors together.
We bought plain wood boards at Michaels for $1 each.
The boys helped me count and inspect them.
We lightly sanded the edges to smooth them out.
I taped up the edges of the boards.
Sprayed a couple of coats of chalkboard spray paint on each one.
After they were dry, I removed the tape and added colorful lines
around the edges for a rainbow boarder effect.
Hudson helped me choose bundles of 3 chalk sticks colors and rubber band
them together. Lastly, I created a rainbow thank you tag and tied a ribbon
around the boards with the chalk bundle and tag. 


bulding a network of support

 Hi! I'm guest blogging on Soft Flex Company's blog today. Today's post is about building a network of support. I am a self proclaimed network groupie and am sharing some of my favorite networking sites! Click to see today's post.


national yoga month

Saturday I reacquainted myself  with yoga.  I went on a hiatus from the gym this summer.  My arms and shoulders took a beating and are extremely sore.  It was nice to practice again. It's amazing how quickly my body tenses up and how little flexibility I had was frustrating however, it was great to feel connected with my body and have my mind clear and calm once again.

September is National Yoga Month! National Yoga Month has been created to educate people about the benefits of yoga. And how cool is this, studios all over the country are participating in a free week of yoga for new students! Head over to www.yogamonth.org, to find out which studios in your area are participating and and print off a free yoga week pass!

The website also includes information about the benefits of yoga. Some of the ones they list are:
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Decreased Stress
  • Greater flexibility
  • Enhanced brain function
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Better skeletal alignment
  • Strengthened bones/joints
  • Improved respiration
  • Weight Loss
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Easier transition through menopause
  • Deeper peace of mind
Big thanks to Eliza who announced National Yoga Month on her blog Art Asana.  Take a look-see at her blog if you are at all interested in yoga and/or art.  I really enjoy reading it.


monthly goal meetup

So, I totally took the summer off with my Meet Up biz goals!  I was productive but, it was much more based on the whims of each day.  I haven't been following a road map and that was nice for a couple of months but, it's time to get myself back on track

Here were my July goals ...
  1. blog about wedding invitation designs & add samples to etsy shop - still to do
  2. blog about baby invitation design & add sample to etsy shop- still to do
  3. menu, program and place cards for Barbie's wedding - Complete
  4. continue with LinkedIn - still to do
  5. continue with quick books- Just can't get into it.  I am going to try a simple and free bookkeeping program to see if that is more of what I need right now. anyone ever use http://outright.com/? any other program suggestions?
  6. continue web site freelance project - got the site online. Just need to add in extra features
  7. ship completed scooby painting - all shipped!  Scooby and his parents were so happy and so was I!
  8. gym: monday, wednesday, thursday and saturday - haha, i took the summer off here too.  Just went back to the gym yesterday!
And here we go into September ...
  1. blog about wedding invitation designs & add samples to etsy shop
  2. blog about baby invitation design & add sample to etsy shop
  3. setup design portfolio with LinkedIn
  4. setup and try out http://outright.com/
  5. continue web site freelance project
  6. gym: monday, wednesday, thursday and saturday
September has always been my favorite time of year.  The cool air in the evenings gives you a hint of the crisp, colorful fall days ahead. It is the month my husband and I got married and the birth of my son 4 years ago.  Living in Phoenix for the past 12 years doesn't satisfy my September fall cravings. It has been 105+ all week, no where near the feeling of fall. Nonetheless I still love this month.  It brings with it joyous memories of my childhood and life on the east coast and although we are still so hot, I know the end is near!  
    If you would like to join in the Meetup fun, head on over to Athena Dreams to read more about what we do and how to join in.