kids behavior plan ... keepin' it positive

This weekend I embarked on a quest to slow down, re-evaluate my parenting style and reflect on what is best for my children. I read this inspiring post by Serene Journey that was timed just perfectly: Show Your Kids You Love Them. Serene Journey is one of my favorite blogs to read and she has a sixth sense of posting inspiring blogs exactly when I need them!

Since school begun about month ago Ethan has began testing our limits at home. In kindergarten he is learning about rewards and consequences based on his behavior. So, I decided to look into behavior charts. Charts make sense to kids and they take pride in a page full of stars or stickers showing their good behavior.

After some research, here are the charts we put in place ...

Behavior Chart

Behavior Chart Reward Cards

Strike 3 Chart

Chore Chart

Here are blank charts I created for you to download and use for your personal use if you'd like:
  • Behavior Chart
  • Behavior Chart Reward Cards - These reward cards show activities they can choose based on the number of happy faces they receive for the week.
  • Strike 3 Chart - I felt it was important to also have a chart for behaviors that are just not letting up so, I created a Strike 3 Chart. After the 3rd strike a negative consequence will occur. the goal here is to help them recognize and change their bad behavior before it gets to 3 strikes.
  • Daily Chores Chart
    I found this article on About.com very helpful when working on my charts: Charts & Chips - Using A Behavior Modification System With Your Child.

    I know a big part of our kids behaviors are directly related to us as parents and how we behave and react. Being consistent with our discipline, keeping our cool, accentuating the positives and showing our kids we love them are important things to remember to do each and every day. It's so easy to fall back into a "No, No, No" routine and forget about giving positive re-enforcement, encouragement and the ability to make their own choices. I know this all to well.

    Our action plan: Throughout the day we give stars as chores are completed and every night before bed we review the behavior chart together and we reward happy faces for the day. I have already seen that the boys find these new behavior charts empowering and they help keep me and Bert on track with consistent, positive discipline.

    Do you have any tips that help keep you on track and your kids eager to behave?


    Carla said...

    That's great Kristen. You're such a good Mom. Something so simple yet effective.

    Sherri (Serene Journey) said...

    Hi Kristen,

    These are fabulous! I love these behavior charts and reward cards. I have an Ethan as well and he just turned two so these will come in handy!

    Thank you for your kind words as well that was such a sweet thing to read. I'm really glad you like my site and find some gems every now and again ;)
    All the best to you,

    Kristen Fagan said...

    Thanks, Carla. It's hard to be a mom some days, thanks for always encouraging me!

    Kristen Fagan said...

    Hi Sherri,

    How cool that you have an Ethan too. What a great name ;) Happy 2nd Birthday!

    You're welcome and I so love your site. Your posts are thoughtful, inspiring and exactly what I need and for that I thank you!

    Best wishes,

    Anonymous said...

    Hello Kristen! I can not tell you how thankful I am to you! I have just found your blog by searching for behavior charts. I have been searching for something for my wild boys, 6 & 3.5 and this is just right! I have been looking for something but have not been able to put it in to words or a picture and you have it right here! Thank you so so much!

    Many blessings to you and your family! And thank you so much for sharing!


    Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

    Danielle, I am so happy you found my post. My boys are 6 and 3.5 also and wild is right! Do you feel like you finally get one on a good path only to have the other causing havoc? It's a yo-yo over here ;) I hope the charts prove to be helpful to you and your family! Best wishes xoxo