art every day month: day 19

Making Jewelry

I really have been on a jewelry crafting kick ever since getting a batch of new beads (thanks again Jamie)! I knew what beads I wanted to use today and instead of starting blindly I thought it would be nice to browse some magazines for inspiration.


I stumbled upon The bamboo cutter's wife design by Molly Schaller in Stringing Fall 2010 and that inspired the bracelet.


Next I came across Tweet Wishes by Lorelei Eurto in Stringing Summer 2010 which inspired the necklace.

I am happy with the final piece thank goodness. I restrung the design over and over again before it finally felt right. I am grateful I found Lorelei's design to help guide me along. I have a tough time creating asymmetrical jewelry but, I love the look so much that every now and then its worth the extra effort.

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