art every day month: day 30

Well, its the final day of Art Every Day Month and I am a little sad to see it go. The creative momentum I had this month was invigorating! My final work is this mosaic featuring art made during the month of November. I got the idea to make a college of my AEDM creations from this wonderful mosaic over at blog. I love her work, she made some amazing things pieces this month as did so many artists! It was fabulous to see what other artists were creating each day and how they approached the challenge. Some went with the flow and let the creativity unfold, some had a theme for the month and others practiced a specific skill or medium. All of it amazing stuff, truly!

It was interesting to see how my medium jumped from day to day and how much jewelry I end up making! That kind of surprised me. I am so grateful I choose to participate. I first learned about AEDM in 2009 and every year I thought oh no, I couldn't possibly find the time and energy to create every day. Well, this year I found the time and the energy and it was so much more rewarding then I ever imagined. I felt really content, calm and happy this month. My husband even mentioned today that I seem a lot less anxious lately. Maybe all that jumpy energy I have is really my creative spirit trying to burst through. Something to think about the next time I am feel extra jumpy. 

Thank you to Leah Piken Kolidas, of Creative Every Day for putting together the Art Every Day Month challenge! And thanks to all who participated for the inspiration each day, positive vibes to continue on and for warming my soul with creative joy. And thank you for stopping by, seeing what I was up to and leaving your fabulous comments. Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a new year of love, passion and creativity!

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