art every day month: day 9

Butterfly Doodle Cards

I thought about these cards I started last week and decided it was best to have a black and white background to really allow the butterflies to stand out. I kept thinking that using book pages would be nice, and they would have been but I wanted to be a little more expressive. So, I picked up a very fine sharpie at the store today and doodled the background. Here are some close ups:

These were so calming to work on, I forgot how much fun drawing lines and swirls is. I was doodling at our dining table while my boys each read a book to me. Isn't that a nice? Ethan read "Don't Call Me a Pig" (a book about javelina's) and Hudson read "The Hungry Caterpillar".  Once they were done reading they wanted to create there own butterfly doodle cards too!

Ethan is making a card for his Nannie who just underwent surgery.

Hudson is making a card for a girl in his class he is very fond of.

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