new painting: feather trio wood block and prints

A local artist and friend Jill Helms (check her out she's amazing!) gave me two small wood blocks last year when I stopped by her studio for a visit. She had a bunch and I fell in with the size and shape. Cute little chunky wood blocks that you can stand on a shelf or hang on the wall, what's not love? They sat in my stash for awhile until I had a calling to draw feathers and thought the little block would be a perfect canvas.

I drew a trio of feathers, just because the idea of researching three different feathers sounded fun. I am kind of a research nerd. I love looking things up, I used to visit my neighbors house as a kid and read random sections in their Encyclopedia Britannica. I loved those books. I finally got my own Encyclopedia set from a yard sale when I was in middle or high school. Nowadays I use the interwebs of course.

I used a lot of restraint keeping this artwork black and white. I wanted to add in a splash of color at the end but, just couldn't bring myself to do it. The painting was screaming - but I look so modern and crisp and sleek in black and white, just let me be. So I did and I am happy I did, it was meant to be black and white.

Painting is available in my Etsy shop and prints are available in my Society6 shop.

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