a creative outburst and exciting news!

The universe really does listen, especially when you are putting what you really want "out there" for it to hear. Two days ago I was contacted by an artist organization that holds grassroots showcase events in cities across the country. They found me through Etsy. After submitting an application and talking to someone last night, I was invited to be part of their event held on March 1st. I do not have all the details yet but, I will be sure to share them when I do.

I am beyond excited and honestly a little terrified. This will be the first time I put my artwork up for judgement in a public arena face to face and that's more then a little scary. My mind was racing ... what will my setup look like, what kind of promotional materials should I have, will I be able to talk about my art in an articulate way, but mostly, am I be good enough? That's fear and doubt right there. And that had me jumpy all evening, totally unable to sit still. So after pacing around the house, talking a few loved ones ears off and putting the boys to bed I headed into my studio and painted. I figured the best way to channel my energy in a meaningful way was to have a creative outburst!

Two hours later I am at the finish line with my willow painting, I added some touches to a small feather painting in progress and I laid the groundwork for 2 new paintings! Both of which came directly from my sketchbook. The sketch on the left with the yellow background I did 3 years ago and knew that I would turn into a painting someday. It will have a bit of a whimsical touch when I am done with it.

Note to self - You must sketch more, you never know what those sketches may turn into!

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