design: wedding invite

I sent off my sister's test wedding invitation this week. I am really digging it. It changed quite a bit from the original sketches (of course). The final design is loose and casual which is just what the bride and groom were looking for.

I purchased the paper materials from a company called paper-source and am happy with the quality. The white paper I used is "Eco-White" which is 100% recycled with 30% post consumer waste (PCW), and is a nice cool white with an eggshell finish. The black cards and envelopes are also currently produced with the new recycled content. My printer is slightly low on ink so, once I replace that the ink it will print without any lines.

I am very curious to see how the invitation arrives and whether the post office with be happy with the tiny shell placed on the cover of the invite. It pokes the envelope a little but, I'm hoping it is placed in a location that doesn't bother the postal machines. If not, and the envelope arrives in poor condition (or with a nasty postal note, haha) we'll rethink that embellishment and find something a bit smaller but, hopefully everything will arrive a-ok!


Carla said...

You are so talented! Your Sis is lucky to have you to create such a beautiful invitation for her.

Softflexgirl said...