yes, we can!

Obamicon.Me is a neat-o Web app that lets you put your image in the style of the famed Shepard Fairey Obama poster. Just upload a photo, then choose a word to go with it. So fun, I couldn't resist trying it! Make your own at obamiconme.pastemagazine.com.

I tied to volunteer my time last night at the Mesa United Food Bank but, unfortunately there was a mix up. I arrived at 6:30 pm and saw a note on the door that United Food Bank did not post the call to volunteer on the usaservice.org website. They apologized and gave me a name of someone to call and sign up to be notified directly from United Food Bank when they need volunteers. I was happy I got out and tried to help but, bummed I didn't actually get to do anything. I would have offered my time elsewhere had I known. Since they didn't post the event on the website they had no way of contacting the 37 people that signed up to let them know not to come.

I'm going to take a mid morning break and go
watch the historic inauguration of Barack Obama with CNN. An estimated 2 million supporters have gathered to watch Obama take the oath of office at noon! January 20th, 2009, we will all stand together with a new President in celebration of our common values, shared aspirations and the hope Americans feel that the course of our nation will change. I hope you too are able to watch history unfold!


Softflexgirl said...

I couldn't get this app to work for me.....

Did you join the volunteer meetup?

Creative Stash said...

I tried the one you see here and then went in to try again and it failed 3 more times. I think they got overloaded with people creating them :)

Yep, I did join the volunteer meetup. Thanks for the suggestion!