a crafty holiday

I'm participating in A Crafty Holiday, a blog hop organized by Angela Flicker of The Artists' House to give passionate bloggers the chance to share why they buy handmade for the holidays. Friday, Nimo  listed all sorts of goodies that would make wonderful gifts and now it’s my turn!

I'm a big fan of handmade. Over the years I have given and made gifts for my parents, grandparents, siblings, co-workers, friends, and so on. Funny thing is, I rarely give handmade gifts to my husband, my kids or myself!  No idea why, since I truly love giving and receiving handmade gifts.  This year I am changing that.  I am buying each of us handmade gifts and I am thrilled about it!

I'm also a big fan of lists, so here is a list of reasons why I value handmade:
  • the care, thought and craftsmanship that goes into each item
  • the quality of a product that can only come from handmade
  • the variety of handcrafted items is amazing and inspiring to explore.
  • to support fellow artisans; their work and their livelihood
  • handmade has heart. plain and simple.
I have a terrible memory but, I could tell you who and for what occasion every handmade item I own came from ... to me that speaks volumes about the value I place on those items.  I love boutiques and crafts shows and encourage you check local events in your area. However, juggling 3 jobs and a family, I find it tough to get out and explore (I'm totally missing out, I know). That is why I am so grateful for Etsy and the many sites like them who give indie artisans an invaluable place to share their goodies with the world online.
    So without further ado, here's a peek at my gift and wish list.

    1. Days Between Batik Tee - Tree Town Batiks
    2. Fragrance Free Goat's Milk Whipped Body Cream - Artisan Soap Spa
    3. Trey Anastasio Spray Painting Print - FrogMeow
    4. Money Clip Wallet - Broundoor
    1. Peridot Flower Gemstone Ring -  Kierra Ferrer Jewelry Design
    2. Crocheted Felted Slippers - A Life Crocheted
    3. Garden Sage Striped Skirt - Rosie's Whimsy
    4. Cream Rosette Headband - Folding Chair Designs
    5. Fragrance Free Vegan Body Lotion - Little Owl Soap Co
    1. Portable Placement, Napkin and Bamboo Utensils - Seedling Designs
    2. Take a Hike Print - The Wheatfeild
    3. Bamboo Cutting Board - Studio 44 Eighty
    4. Cloth Napkins Summer Breeze - Fern Hollow Finds

    Don't forget your holiday cards!  Share how happy your handmade holidays are with a custom photo card by Melanie of Paper Mango. Short on time?  No problem! She'll print the cards for you, with envelopes (even envelope printing if you’re really in a rush!). And if you like to DIY, you'll love that her designs are available as an affordable DIY, printable file. For all the details please see Paper Mango's 2010 Holiday Card Collection.
          Tomorrow, Paige Hill will be sharing their list.  You can see the entire schedule for A Crafty Holiday here. Wishing you a very handmade holiday!

          Much Love,


          Angela Flicker said...

          It's funny that sometimes we consciously have to make an effort to try something new, even when it's so obvious we like something. My experience buying handmade was very similar.

          I loved your items, especially the slippers. That is at the top of my holiday wish list --I hope my husband has picked up on all my hints ;)

          Thanks for this great post, full of shopping inspirations!

          Molly O'Bryon-Welpott said...

          LOVE your items I see something everyone in my family would love.
          The take a hike may be in our house before it is all said and done.
          Thanks for the wonderful write up:)

          sarah - dodeline design said...

          These are great picks! Thank you!

          Amanda said...

          You did an AWESOME job on this post. I especially adore the fiber wreath ornament and "Take a Hike"...

          You really did rock this post like a crafty superstah!

          Stephey Baker: Marked By The Muse said...

          Love this post! I never thought about Etsy being a virtual craft fair but it so is and love that it's there for those who are unable to make it to the local shows. I Also resonate with the sentiment behind handmade. I too can tell you every handmade item I have and where/who it came from it yields my heart full of special meaning and purpose. The item is no longer a thing but rather a keepsake, a special symbol between me and that person.

          Thanks for this awesome post!

          Kristen (kristenwalker.com) said...

          Hi there - I am the "other" Kristen :) I kept seeing your comments on other posts and would have to think for a second about if I already left a comment of not, until I realized, there is more than one Kristen participating in this holiday blog hop :)

          Love this list, especially the "for the tree" items. Ornaments can become so special as the years pass, and the cheapies from Wal-Mart definitely don't have as much meaning.

          And three jobs? Holy smokes! Rock on with your hard working self! :)


          Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

          Angela, it's funny how the obvious just slips past me sometimes ... so glad I caught on this year, thanks for helping me on that ;)

          Amanda, you cracked me up. Thanks for the superstah love. I think that print will remind me to hike more often!

          Stephey, "where/who it came from it yields my heart full of special meaning and purpose" - exactly!

          Kristen, funny I was doing the same thing! I had to stop and think ait did I write on here already? hehe!

          Thanks to everyone who stopped by my blog today, much love!!!

          Jahje Ives said...

          Love this list and I thong those slippers are going to be added to mine.

          Anna said...

          I love your groups of gift ideas, beautifully designed and great colors. Thanks for including my placemat, I'm honored.

          Brandi said...

          Kristen, your picks are gorgeous!

          I'm with you - I can recall exactly when and where I got each handmade gift or item in my home. It absolutely does speak to the value we place on them, doesn't it? Lovely!

          Jess said...

          Ohh, some gorgeous picks!! :D

          I love the little flower ring - so darn pretty :)

          Anonymous said...

          "handmade has heart. plain and simple."

          So true - Some great finds! Thanks for sharing with us :)

          Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

          got my slippers in the mail this week and they are super cute and soft! Anna, you're very welcome - I think your place mat sets are awesome! Jess, I hope the hubster gets me that peridot ring, I love it so much!

          Thanks to everyone who stopped by, it's been awesome meeting all of you and reading your holiday lists!

          Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

          lovely x hivennn.

          Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

          I am dying over that checkered tie shirt. So cute!