monthly goal meetup

JUNE?! I can't beleive it's June, school is out, summer is here and it's a new month which means it's time for the monthly goal Meet Up with Athena Dreams

Here were my May goals ...
  1. create & add copper necklaces to etsy shop - added 3 copper necklaces and 2 new earrings!
  2. blog about magnet favors & add option to etsy shop - done
  3. blog about wedding invitation designs & add samples to etsy shop - still have to do
  4. get started with quickbooks! - i started but, am unsure if this program is right for me.  I think it is way more then I need right now.  will check into more this month.
  5. continue web site freelance project - in progress
  6. continue scooby painting - in progress
  7. get to the gym at least 3x a week! - okay went 2 times, better then April but really need 3 for June!
  8. gift packaging idea & photo for etsy shop - done
  9. Oh and I redesigned my blog!  I am still working out the kinks but, I really love the new look.
And here we go into June ...
  1. add new rain drop, starfish and believe earrings made to etsy shop
  2. blog about wedding invitation designs & add samples to etsy shop
  3. guest blog at East Valley Artisans for the month
  4. Favor cards for Laraine's wedding
  5. Baby Shower Invitations for Jenny
  6. joined LinkedIn and now need to work with it a bit.
  7. continue with quick books
  8. continue web site freelance project
  9. complete scooby painting
  10. gym: monday, wednesday, thursday and saturday
Wishing everyone a creative and productive month! If you would like to join in the Meetup fun, head on over to Athena Dreams to read more about what we do and how to join in.


Lindsey said...

congrats on all you accomplished last month, good luck in June!

Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

Thanks Lindsey - congrats on your site redesign! It looks great. I am so behind on that. There is always someday ... have a wonderful June.

sarahstevenson3 said...

Kristen: awesome job on your goals. Quickbooks takes some tie to get used to. I had a personal class from my accounting firm. If you want to see if any of what I learned will help you I'd be happy to share. Let me know and have a great month. Sarah

Anonymous said...

Whoa you've got a lot going on - yay you! The guest blog gig is a great two-fer: stretching the writing muscles by soming from another perspective AND great networking for you! Woohoo!

Liz said...

wow, you had an awesome May Kristen, way to go... hope your June is creative and wonderful, oh and also full of strawberry lemonade too...

UrbanWildflowerDolls said...

Congratulations on all you have accomplished. Love your goals for June. I am stealing the one you have about the gym. Somehow working out mysteriously fell from my list. Now how did that happen?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your banner.. so simple yet stylish & colorful! I've been trying to keep a routine of working out too.. hopefully this month I'll do better. Good luck on your June goals!

Cyn said...

I like seeing your face on your blog! You've got a lot going on on your lists and have great momentum. I hope it keeps rolling for you in June.

You reminded me about my Quickbook record-keeping. It's my least favorite task, but so necessary. I'll have to add that to my list :)

Good luck this month, Kristen!

Sandy said...

Hi. Good luck with everything this month.

Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments. It's so nice to have such support! Wishing you all a wonderful month of summer filled fun :)

carolyn said...

Good luck in June!

jenny said...

I was just looking at your etsy shop... I love the earrings! wishing you the best in achieving your June goals!

Laura B said...

You definately worked really ahrd in May and got so much done. Good luck this month, your website re-design sounds reall exciting :)