drawing class begins today!

 Drawing by Ethan, age 5.

I can't believe I begin teaching drawing to elementary kids with Young Rembrandts today, I'm so excited and a whole lotta nervous.  I had training back in June so, it feels like a long time coming.  I did a mock class with Ethan & Hudson his week to practice - I am a bit worried I will go too fast or have my back turned to the class too much so, I'm trying to be be extra aware of that.  Sunday, I spent time reading over the company manual, class procedures and made a sample so, I am as ready as I can be.

As the days grow nearer, I am thinking a lot about art being a learned skill. For many artists, creating art is a learned skill developing over time with proper training and dedicated practice. I have always felt this way. I think its because there isn't anyone I know directly in my family that was an artist I could look up to or say yeah it's in my genes.  I recall countless hours copying color book characters until I mastered the image enough to be able to reproduce it without having the page to look at.  I had Donald Duck and Yosemite Sam in my back pocket to wow my cousins at any moment. That was always fun.  Kind of like a magician with a few tricks up their sleeve.  I look forward to helping a new generation of artists wow their friends and family with their drawing skills!

Learn more about Young Rembrandts or check for a class in your area by visiting their website at http://youngrembrandts.com/.


The Neerings Family said...

I have never heard of this program and looked it up and there is a class at almost every school around me! Who knew? Are you doing it at Las Sendas?

Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

No, unfortunately Las Sendas didn't work out for me. They had the teacher lined up there before I even interviewed. I am teaching at Zaharis (tues), Falcon Hill (wed) and Red Mtn (thurs). We just started in MPS this year but the program has been in AZ for 10+ years in Tempe, Gilbert, ect.

Sloane's Creations said...

Oh Wow! I have never heard of this either. I am going to look into it further tonight when I have time (unless Hurricane Earl knocks the power out) Good Luck and have a blast!

Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

Thanks Sloane's Creations! It was a blast, I was way nervous but found it to be a lot of fun. Hope you can find a class near you!