scooby and buster

Scooby's portrait finally arrived in New York this week.  The much anticipated arrival was well received and the overwhelming gratitude from my friends, Bobby, Vicky and Scooby has been wonderful.  To hear them say how much they cherish it and how much it looks like him is really rewarding. 
Scooby is very excite about his self portrait, heck we all are! Thank you so much Kristen, you are the best!!! You nailed it!
 It was the first canvas I ever shipped and learned a few things along the way like; do not estimate the cost of shipping until you package the canvas up in an appropriate box, a mirror shipping box works really well and  it is a good idea to cover the canvas with kraft paper or the like to protect it's surface.  Also, you can utilize all those plastic bags you have in your cupboard to stuff around the canvas as packing material. If it is an oil painting be extra careful that the bags to not touch the surface of the canvas as it could stick to it.

Our beloved dog of 11 years, Buster passed away shortly after I furnished Scooby's portrait.  I'm glad I had finished the painting a few weeks before Buster left us.  Buster and Scooby look they could be long lost relatives and I know it would have been a struggle to finish if the timing had been otherwise.  We love and miss him so much.  He was a great dog, always standing guard, he such a snuggler (loved to give hugs and lean on you when you sat beside him on the couch), Buster never missed a meal and always knew when you needed a friend.  He was especially helpful during those messy toddler years cleaning up after the boys at every opportunity.  Thank you for being part of our family.  Rest in Peace Buster. You will forever be in our hearts. xoxo

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