kids art: decoupage fun take 2

Playroom Table Makeover

About a year ago I took a simple IKEA table and decoupaged some of the my kids school artwork to the top of it, I blogged about it here.  It turned out great but, over time the paper had water damage and was torn in places so, the time has come for a makeover. Decoupage to the rescue ... again!  

 Playroom Table - Before (after removing old artwork)

If you have never decoupaged before check out how to decoupage at about.com. I thought about using my kids school work again and begun the hunt and then it occurred to me that the paintings they create on their easel is just the right paper size to cover the table.  Score!  I had one that they both did together sitting in the garage so, I thought that one was perfect.

Playroom Table - After
The boys have a fun new playroom table created with their artwork! Isn't it cool? I love taking something a bit ratty and worn and breathing new life into it.  Do you have something you had on the fritz that you made new again?  If so, I'd love to hear about it!


Stephanie said...

Sweet make over project! It's been many years since my son was young enough to do these kinds of projects with. I know your kids will look back at the fun they had with mom. Great Blog!

organicsyes said...

Great idea:) Love that stuff! It is so wonderful to see art created by kids:)

Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

Thanks! I love using the kids artwork in new ways (instead of it being stored in the garage!) I'm glad you enjoyed this idea and thanks for stopping by my blog :)