peace - joy - love holiday card

Paper art projects are not my strong suit so, I tend to shy away from them but, around the holidays a handmade card is just begging to be made!

This year, I reserved my only hand made holiday card for our bosses at Soft Flex Company. Our boss Mike suffered a spinal cord injury earlier this year.  Needless to say, it has been a difficult time for him, his family and his loved ones.  My husband and I decided to make a donation in his honor to Christopher Reeve's Foundation for Christmas.  Naturally, I wanted to send them a card with holiday wishes and felt only hand made would do.  

While looking over my paper stash, I remembered that I designed some free printable holiday paper for Soft Flex's website.  The Peace, Joy, Love paper design matched an old Christmas card, ribbon and foam snowflakes I had in my stash so, I downloaded it and printed on card stock.

First, I tried cutting a small piece of the Peace, Joy, Love paper, leaving a border the outside and using only text.  But it wasn't working for me, I didn't feel it had enough warmth.


So, I cut a new bigger piece of the Peace, Joy, Love paper and glued it to the entire background of the card, glued the snowflake foam pieces to the back of the tree I cut out from the old card to give it some dimension, topped the tree with a shiny star (that I took from another old card) and I'm done ... or was I?

The empty space in the top middle was bugging me so, I glued on a red & white checkered bow.  It feels like I may have crossed the crafty line a bit, since it's pretty busy but, it's fun to go a little over the top during  the holidays, right? I hope they enjoy it and know that I created their card with extra special care.


The Neerings Family said...

I LOVE it! When putting away Christmas stuff I keep all the cards, pictures we've received. Then when we put the stuff up the next year I look at the cards again...then toss them. I need to just try out something like this. If it turns out bad I'll just toss it away like I usually do anyway, right? ;o)

Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

You definitely should! Especially if you keep the cards already anyway. So many cards can be cut up and have cute pieces to reuse. Great craft for the kids too! Instant supplies to make a card for grandparents - hope you had a nice holiday Lisa.