total money makeover

I have been Ramsey'd! The library had a long waiting list for the book The Total Money Makeover so, I checked out his audio version and started listening in the car.

The "baby steps" he explains sound very do-able. Take it one step at a time, finish step 1 completely then move to step 2. Making the process uncomplicated and focused. I beleive Dave has the right idea. Dave's quote "It's not complicated but, it can be difficult" says it all. Another quote of his I have been reciting in my head is "act your wage".

This book is a great step by step plan to help you get control of your finances by walking you through the 7 baby steps.

  1. Small Emergency Fund of $1000
  2. Pay off all debt except house with debt snowball. List ALL debts in the order of smallest to largest. Pay the minimums on those needed and place you energy and focus on paying off each debt one at a time starting with the smallest.
  3. Fully Funded Emergency Fund to cover 3-6 months of living expenses
  4. Invest 15% of income for retirement
  5. Fund kids college fund
  6. Pay off mortgage
  7. Have fun, give and invest
I have faith that following the baby steps to our total money makeover (along with Bert's help!) will give us a way to manage our money and celebrate pay day instead of dreading it.

We'll see ... I tend to get amp'ed up, jot notes, make a plan and then slip back into falling short of the goal with these kinds of books. I hope that knowing that is my downfall will help me overcome my chronic money management issues.

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