zucchini orzo

This Meatless Monday post comes from a book I read two years ago. It is an awesome book about local and seasonal food called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barabara Kingsolver. Novelist Kingsolver recounts a year spent eating home-grown food and, if not that, local. This is one the recipes featured in the book me and my family enjoy. The kids even like it!

Zucchini Orzo

1 lb. package orzo pasta
3 large zucchini
1 chopped onion
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

garlic to taste (I use 3 cloves minced)
olive oil for saute
vegetable or chicken stock (optional can just use water)

Bring 6 cups of water, vegetable or chicken stock to a boil and add pasta. Cook 10 minutes. Use cheese garter to shred zucchini; saute briefly with onion and garlic until lightly golden brown. Add spices to zucchini mixture, stir thoroughly and remove from heat. Combine zucchini mixture with cheese and cooked orzo.  Serve cool or room temperature. Add little extra Parmesan cheese to garnish.

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