painting in progress: willow tree and tire swing

Growing up there was a big beautiful willow tree with a tire swing at my grandparents house. I sometimes wish I can be there in that magical place again. I recently looked up my grandparents old house on Google Earth to see if I could get a look at that tree. Sadly, it didn't give me a clear picture. The tire swing was something my sisters and I loved to play on whenever we visited our grandparents and I especially loved just sitting under that magical tree.  This is a painting in progress of my memories of that weeping willow and tire swing. I feel like there is a long way to go on this one. It's going to be tough expressing just how wonderful this tree is in my minds eye.

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Sandy Coleman said...

Wow. I think you are very close on this. I can feel the magic and the sway of this place. Love the colors. And thanks for stopping by today.