mother's day

“Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.” ~Deepak Chopra

On Mother's day I awoke to find a beautiful basket of pink tulips and handmade cards from my kids. I relaxed at home with my family, went through the day slowly and reconnected with some of my bliss's. 

My wonderful mother in law, aka Nannie, had boys for a sleepover on Friday night.
We enjoyed a family lunch date on Saturday with Nannie and Tom.
My toe polish is eggplant purple thanks to a Mother's Day pedicure from my husband.
Ethan and I looked at The Art Book and reviewed artists we learned in his class.   
Hudson and I played marbles and built a marble track.  
I read a few chapters of Choosing Simplicity and caught up on blog reading.
I finished my tree of life belly cast painting that I began back in January. 
I stole a few minutes in the studio and worked on my newest painting in progress.

    To all the beautiful mama's in the world including my mother, mother in law and godmother, I hope you all enjoyed your day too!

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