art masterpiece: hopper

August in the City by Edward Hopper

About the Artist Edward Hopper was born in 1882 in New York and is known as one of the best American painters of realism. At 17 he knew he wanted to be an artist. He studied art in New York and in Paris (Died 1967-85 years old)

What do you see in the painting? What is missing from this painting?

Hopper used angles in many of his paintings. He often used geometric shapes. 

  • What shapes has he used? What natural shapes to you see? 
  • What is the focal point? How does the artist get you to look there?
  • What type of building is this? Old or new? City or town? 
  • What color do you see the most of?   
How does it make you feel? This is what he is known for. Feels like it is bright and cheery, however is nobody around so it’s also lonely and eerie. All of his paintings have this lonely, sad feeling.

What is the style of painting?  We have seen it before … when an artist paints things that are real …and ideas?
Realism. This means he paints the real objects and places he sees.

How do you think the artist felt when he painted this picture?
He was very skinny and tall as a kid. When he was 12 years old he was 6ft. He was made fun of by his classmates and felt lonely.

When I showed his other paintings a few students mentioned that they had his "Nighthawks" print shown above in their home. It's one of his most famous paintings. Edward Hopper painted everyday scenes in New York or Europe such as restaurants, movie theaters, storefronts, city streets.

If you wanted to paint an everyday scene what would it be?

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