art masterpiece: braque

The Round Table by Georges Braque 1929

About the Artist: Georges Braque studied Art in France. He was a painter and a sculptor.

Imagination activity: Close your eyes. Now picture a round table. Imagine objects sitting on that table. These objects could be some of your favorite things. Now open your eyes - show the print.  Is this what you pictured? What did you picture? The name of the painting is The Round Table.

This type of painting is called a Still Life.  Any ideas what that might mean? Still life = objects. This artist created several still life paintings on a round pedestal table. This one contained some of his favorite things.

What objects do you see on the table? Guitar, sheet music, knife and apple, bottle, newspaper and a pipe.

In 1907 George Braque met a man named Picasso.
Has anyone heard that name before? Together they created the style Cubism.  Cubism = objects are broken apart and put back together in abstract form. Objects are being seen from different angles at the same time.

Can you see different shapes? Sphere, cylinders, cubes.

What feeling do you get when you look at it?

What do we call art that doesn’t look like real life?

George Braque created many large scale paintings. This painting is 57 3/8” x 44 ¾” - good to show the kids a point of reference for this size, I had the tallest kids stand up (he is 54") and explained how the canvas was taller then the boy.

My table would have a book, chocolate, tea or coffee, a handmade ornament (i love ornaments!), slippers and flowers. If you wanted to paint a table with your favorite objects what would they be?

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