dream board full of art and words to inspire!

This whole dream board thing is pretty new to me. I have always kept stacks of inspiration in folders, on shelves or in binders but, never on a pin board. Boy, have I been missing out. I created my first dream board this fall and propped it up above my desk but, it was a bit too high to really look at it every day. So, I decided to hang the board on the wall right next to my desk where I can clearly see it. Man, is this cool! I can take in the art and words daily. So much better then having them tucked away in a binder.

Art and words to inspire me:

"There is a story inside you that only you can tell."
"Give your dreams the wings to fly"
"Dream what you want to dream, go where yo want to go, be who you want to be."

I have a ceramic pot very similar and want to add a plant to it just like this.

More art and words to inspire:

"Love who you are"
"Love is all that matters"
"Art is the voice of the heart"
"Live in the moment"

Quote to inspire:
"I like living, breathing, better than working ... My art IS that of living: Each second, each breath is a work which is inscribed no where, which is neither visual or cerebral, it's a sort of constant euphoria." ~ Marcel Duchamp  

I come from a long line of gigglers so that art is here to remind me to have fun and giggle! My goddess gratitude journal from Goddess Leonie is on here too.

Here's  a Buddha full of love, mandala inspiration and a beaded necklace in turquoise and red because I love that color combo so much.  

This board is ever evolving, as new imagery and words inspire me they can go up and things that no longer serve me can come down. I am really excited about this simple pin board of inspiration! 

Do you have any visual reminders and inspiration in your work space?

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