project letter writing

When Linda from a la mode stuff posted about project letter writing earlier this month, I immediately smiled at the idea. I love receiving letters and with the holidays still fresh in my mind, my of love for mail was renewed. Living away from most of our family means that the mail is super exciting during the holidays. The kids loved checking the mail every day in December and have been pretty disappointed this month. Each year I keep a list of the things we receive for the holidays with the intention of sending thank you's and each year I end up sending an email, Facebook message or making a phone call instead. Not this year! I cheated a bit and had the kids write many of the cards 9since they got most of the gifts after-all) but, we did it! And today I am sending our last couple of thank you's. One really sweet side effect is that my son grabbed a card and wrote his dad a thank you this week for finding his Super Mario Wii game. And last night when discussing a memory of baking cupcakes with my Aunt last year, my other son said we should send her a thank you for making cupcakes with us! The kindness and gratitude spreads once you start the pen writing.

Would you like to join us in project letter writing? There are no hard and fast rules, just mail a card or letter to someone each month and with it a little happiness unfolds.

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