national turn off your tv week

Simple Organic is hosting Make Week, celebrating a week of TV turn-off. Simple Mom wrote a great article on 5 Great Reasons to Not Watch (much) TV.

I’m excited and think we'll all enjoy a week of shutting the TV off and doing something else. We do enjoy TV entertainment however, I will admit that we sometimes have the TV on by default, while eating and some days it does feel like it is our main source of entertainment. *Gasp*

Personally, I am not a huge fan of TV. It wasn't all that important in my house growing up. I don't enjoy the sound of TV in the background (hearing people talk irritates me), I do enjoy music and I LOVE the sound of silence. Even better I love when it's so quite in the house you can hear outside sounds like birds, trees, wind.

I am looking forward to shutting off, the rest of the family ... well ... just have to see how that goes. I did make sure to talk about it over the weekend quite a bit so it's not a shock to their system and I have activities in mind to do instead like picnic dinners, gardening, board games, art & crafts, story time and imaginative play. Fun!

I encourage you to take part this week, keep your television turned off and do something else. If you do let me know! Do you think your family would happily accept the challenge of a week without TV?

Update: We made it through 2 days with a few minor protests. Bert had the hardest time with this "experiment" with Ethan a close second. Instead of watching TV we went to the gym, built a fort/tent, played board games, created recycled robots and read books. in my opinion, it was a lovely 2 days!

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