creative every day: the 5 senses

ice cream waffle bowl - colored pencils

ice cream waffle cone - colored pencils

I'm so happy to finally have something new to post for the creative every day challenge! The creative every day theme for this month is the 5 senses. Last night, while working on my Etsy team gift exchange theme of "sweet and treats" (more on that later), I realized it plays right into the taste sense for the CED challenge. What's better then the sweet and creamy taste of ice cream ... yummy. It's fitting that I am trying to stay away from sugar this week ... I can indulge through my art.

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Kandes said...

Fun exchange, huh? Sweets and Treats!

ABCcreativity said...


Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

It was fun! I have to buy silver chain now so, I can make some necklaces for my shop based on the one I exchanged. Nice to think beyond my comfort zone :)