just peachy

Me and Hudson in the peach tree

This weekend we headed out to Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, Arizona for their peach festival. We didn't really partake in much of the festival as it was HOT and we mostly just went to take the kids on the hay ride and pick our own peaches! We picked 5 lbs. of organic peaches. Hudson seemed scared to pick them himself so, I held him and we picked together. I am not usually a peachy kind of gal but, this weekend I made a delicious peach crisp and 7 jars of homemade organic raspberry peach jam. That got me feeling just peachy!

Peach Crisp

This peach crisp was a very easy dessert made with wholesome pecans, granola and oats for the topping. I served it warm with vanilla ice cream. See peach crisp recipe.

Raspberry Peach Jam

This flavorful jam is wonderful on toast, pancakes or waffles and with desserts. Here's an easy tip I found for peeling peaches - boil water; put peaches in boiling water for 20-30 seconds; transfer to cold water and then easily remove the peel. See raspberry peach jam recipe.


Paul, Lisa and Audrey said...

We spent Mother's Day last year at Schnepf's. I had really wanted to do it for a long time and so we finally did. We had the pancake breakfast and then did some picking. You are right...the only bad part was that it was SOOOOO hot. But I was glad to try it at least once. Your treats look tasty!

Softflexgirl said...

Thank you for my fresh jam and for being such good friend.

Creative Stash said...

The pancake breakfast sounded yummy. It's hard with a family of 4 as everything quickly gets pricey! I couldn't part with $30 for breakfast ;) I enjoyed the fresh fruit though and they have a u-pick veggie garden that looked awesome!

Creative Stash said...

You're welcome Sara and thank you for being such a good friend! It was nice to see you yesterday.