gratitude journal - week 1

As you may know, I began my gratitude journal last week. I plan to journal for 30 days. I have a small book next to my bed and I jot down 5 things I am grateful for each night. Some days it's easy to note 5 things; some days not so much. If I really can't get 5 I settle at 3 or 4. I would rather not try and force gratitude just to get to 5 things but, I do think on it a bit before settling for less. I wanted to share some of my favorite entries.

Last week some things I have been grateful for are ...
  • my family ~ Bert, Ethan and Hudson I love you so
  • sharing a hobby with the kids ~ like making model race cars
  • baby snuggles ~ with Hudson and Chloe were oh so sweet
  • the way Bert looks at me ~ he always makes me feel beautiful
  • creativity ~ the ability to express my pain and joy creativity leave me forever grateful
  • bedtime stories ~ my most favorite memories are made then
  • lizard push ups ~ Bert & watched outside our window and had us a good laugh
  • laughter ~ loud laughs, belly giggles, snorting in all
  • videos of our kids ~ having snip its of them in action is awesome
  • rain ~ so beautiful and much needed; rain cleanses my soul
  • coats in spring ~ Ethan insisted on his coat & hat to play in the rain & it was 95 degrees out!
  • lazy mornings in bed ~ being silly before starting our day
  • outbursts of happy energy ~ by none other then mister Hudson
This has been a great exercise so far. It is helps me see what things make me happy each and every day. It will help me focus my life on those things that are important to me.

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Softflexgirl said...

Your gratitude journal makes me happy too. :)

Thank you for sharing!