"We have no problems, just situations." ~ Jamaican creed.

That saying fits the bill this week. It's been chaotic and stressful and when I look back on this week I realize all that has happened. I am drained. The photo montage I made above portrays a much more serene outlook on the past events. Maybe that was my need for creating it; to be able to look back in a more peaceful way. My goal for this upcoming week is Serenity.

Here is a look back:
  • My sisters wedding was relocated from Mexico to Jamaica due the the swine flu.
  • Flight to Jamaica for us are considerably more expensive. I was heart broken of the thought of possibly not being able to make it but, we did get our flight booked.
  • Then the passport debacle. I realized that I never changed my passport from my maiden name. HUUUUGE oversight on my part. I rushed to get my passport expedited with my name change. It's now out of my hands and I need to just wait for it too arrive in time.
On a positive note ...
  • Bert & I got our wedding attire. I'm wearing a black halter chiffon dress and he's wearing a linen pants & shirt that I absolutely love on him!
  • We started a chore chart for Ethan. So far this week the playroom has been cleaned regularly (not by me!), he is making his bed (and his brothers too!), he is feeding the dogs and helping empty the dishwasher. We are awarding 15 min of video game play time for each completed chore. Thanks to my friend Inessa for the idea!
  • I shopped at Goodwill. This is always fun. As a teenager I shopped there all the time along with thrift stores. I like finding really interesting, affordable clothes that I knew no one else will have. I have needed a bed skirt for awhile and the one I found is absolutely perfect!
  • I went to yoga on Thursday night. It had been about 2 weeks and I was really ready for it. In this class you stretch deeply and and hold each pose for 3-5 minutes. I love it! Yoga makes me happy.
Well, my weekend has fun things planned and I hope to relax and enjoy my day tomorrow. I am ready to let this week go and look forward to a serene week ahead. Namaste.

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Softflexgirl said...

Perhaps you need a necklace made with the Soft Flex Serenity Trio!