bridal party scrapbook

Kelly's maid of honor came up with the awesome idea of giving her a bridal party scrapbook.

She purchased a lovely scrapbook album and asked all of us bridesmaids to create 1 or 2 (12x12) scrapbook pages on our own. What we did was entirely up to us. The final pages were placed them in the album and we all presented it to Kelly at her bridal shower. It was a really thoughtful gift. Each person had totally unique ideas about how to create their pages. Some used old nostalgic photos, some recent photos, some were embellished with her destination wedding theme in mind, some were fun, some were heartfelt, but all were special.

Above is the 2 page spread I created. On the left I have little graphic bodies dancing with heads of me, Katie & Kelly. On the right I used 2 photos of the 3 of us taken at Kelly and Joe's Engagement party. I also placed a little envelope and a note inside with well wishes for Kelly & Joe.

It was such a nice way to say to Kelly, we love you.


Softflexgirl said...

This is a adorable!

Creative Stash said...

Thank you! I kept moving things around to get it "just right". It would take me a month to complete my own scrapbook album - haha.