"When You Feel Like you Just Don't Measure Up"

Over at a blog I read - Modish Biz Tips - there was a great article I read today and wanted to share: When You Feel Like you Just Don't Measure Up

I needed this. I always need this on Fridays so, I'm glad I stop to read this today. I've had a tough start to this year, as many have, and it has me questioning myself, my goals, my self worth in all different ways. Thanks to Modish for saying that it's okay, we all have times like that and even so we are fantastic in our own ways!


Softflexgirl said...

Kristen, I wouldn't know what to do without you in my life. You more than measure up in my eyes, but I can understand that hard times call for a little inspiration. :)

Much love,

Art Show For Kids . com said...

Hi Kristen

Nice positive feelings. If you have any children artist readers that are interested in displaying their art, please invite them to do so at our ongoing online kids art shows and contests at http://artshowforkids.com ... we're all about helping kids feel like they measure up!



Creative Stash said...

Thank you ever so much, Sara. You know the same hold true for you.

Marc, Thanks for posting the link to your online art shows for kids. I love the concept helping kids express themselves is awesome!