tempe festival of the arts

Bert and I were out and about around the valley today. After dropping the kids off at preschool we headed out to do our weekly food shopping. Then, we ventured out to the Tempe Festival of the Arts. After some big time ooooing and ahhhing and a bite to eat we stopped by booth #5571 to see our friends Carla and Mark of Black Mountain Jewelry. They fitted me for a gorgeous necklace they are designing for me! They were located in a corner position and the booth looked great! The setup was really welcoming and their jewelry shined. We did not get much chatting in because they were so wonderfully busy!

Bert fell in love with this painting by Phil Lewis of his dog, Merlin. Phil's artwork was bright and full of fun. I have to agree with Bert, Merlin is a wonderful piece. He looks a lot like our pooch Chloe and really made us smile. I fell in love with a framing technique I saw by another artist (description: small canvas with black painted sides set into a slightly larger box wood frame with the background painted black). I started thinking of how I can achieve a similar look but, possibly using some salvaged wood. It would have been lovely to peruse their all day but, we had an important event we were off too!

This afternoon Bert & I volunteered our time at Washington Elementary in Phoenix to help with their Accelerated Reading (AR) "Store". Students participate in an AR program which encourages them to read independently at a reading level that is appropriate for them. The students read and accumulate points. These points can be used to "purchase" prizes as a reward for their good reading habits. We worked in the "store" and assisted the kids with their "shopping" and the usage of their points. The easiest way to explain this is we were like Chuck E. Cheese ticket people - taking the awarded tickets and explaining which prizes the child can choose. I know that position all to well as I worked the Chuck E. Cheese ticket booth in high school! It was a nice way to get out and help in our community and be together. I really enjoyed helping out and doing so along side Bert made it even sweeter.

I belong to a volunteer meetup group that posted this opportunity to help on their calendar. It was my first event with the Phoenix Philanthropists and am looking forward to the enriching opportunities I'll have with them!

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