garden statues and silly stories

I found these photos that I took in college. These prints me smile and I thought ... I should hang these. The 2 statues are from my parents garden in the house I grew up in. Both pieces have a story behind them which made even more sense for me display them.

The gnome was stolen from a neighbor's yard by my sister's friends. Neither my parents nor I knew this until many years passed. The gnome was in our front garden for so long ... no one ever questioned how he got there. I wonder if the neighbor ever saw it and knew it was theirs.

The donkey lived on our front lawn. Strangely, the donkey became a legend of sorts. We were away for a holiday and returned home to a empty front lawn ... the donkey was gone. My mom replaced him with a large milk jug. The following year, we again went away for the holiday and when we returned the milk jug was gone but, the donkey had returned. This went on for years! It was a mystery. One day, when talking to a friend my address came up in conversation and he confessed! When we moved into our home, the friends of the kid that lived there before us were sad he moved and in silly moment they decided to swipe our donkey and the yearly ritual began ... they took our donkey, then our milk jug, then our donkey and so on.

Now I can enjoy these lovely garden statues and think of those silly stories and every day.


Softflexgirl said...

That is such a nice story. I likey. :)

Creative Stash said...

such fun stories! It was nice to think about them again. I love the look of garden sculptures worn down by being exposed to the elements :)