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Meditation Flags by Cazmira

I went to my first meditation circle on Sunday. I have been meditating off and on at bedtime to help with sleep and wanted to try meditating with others during the day so, I checked out meetup.com and found a group nearby to sit with. I usually use this guided meditation video from youtube which helps me clear my mind by listening to the soft sounds and voice guiding me. This was a very different experience. We sat meditating for 20 minutes in silence. My mind has a lot of chit chat going on. I engaged in the thoughts and then tried to let them go and gain space. The space was short lived though as a new thought would arise one on top of another. We took a break and then meditated in silence for another 10 min. The second round I did a little better but still chatty. This is going to take some practice. Some meditation flags like the ones above would make a nice reminder.

toy cleaning and organizing

Diaper Caddy by Hip Baby Boutique

With school a couple weeks away I figured now was a good time to clear out toys, trash broken items, donate others and organize the stuff worth keeping around.It was a two day ordeal as I needed lots of little breaks to get through all the stuff. I completed the kids playroom but, still need to tackle the bedroom. How cute is this Diaper Caddy above? I think it would work really well for organizing little bits in the play room too!

snickers ice cream bars

Need I say more? For some reason I decided to buy a box of these and by eating a half bar here and half bar there I managed to finish the box almost completely by myself in a few short days. Man, these bad boys are good.

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