this week I'm loving ...


After a very busy 12 days traveling with two kids, attending a bridal and baby shower, celebrating a wedding, a little phishing and visiting with our friends and family in New York it feels great to sleep in my own bed and to drastically slow down our schedule and allow for some lazy summer days at home.


Pony And Poppy

It has been cloudy, rainy and all around beautiful this week in Arizona. A break from the sun is most definitely welcomed this time of year. This also made for some extra sleepy days, bonus!

chris guillebeau

I love reading. I always enjoy reading something that is entertaining but, usually you'll find me reading books on how to better myself in work, life, parenting, diet, ect. It can be a sickness really. The latest book that has challenged me to think differently is The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World by Chris Guillebeau. It is a great read for anyone who wants to live an unconventional life.Chris questions education, credibility, and influence, and gives useful ideas as alternatives to the traditional methods of gaining those qualities as well as how to apply them to your career based on what has worked in his own life. The apply part is really the tough one for me. I get stuck just before the stage and veer off course. I need to figure that out still. Lucky for me, I am picking up his newest book The $100 Startup today! Very excited about what I will learn next. 

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