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Alice Pasquini 

Driving through New York a couple weeks ago my oldest son said "Oh my goodness, why would someone do that? That's terrible." When I realized he was speaking about the graffiti along the highway, I had to laugh. It was such a sweet and innocent response to something he rarely sees and I barely notice is even there. Had he seen the the beautiful street art created by AliCè: Alice Pasquini, a visual artist who works as an illustrator, set designer and painter, that would be far from his reaction. Her work is joyful, soulful and colorful.

Based in Rome, AliCè has traveled the world bringing her art to the streets of many countries. Alice's work shows acts of love, hope, and affection. I browsed her work on flickr and got lost in the most beautiful of ways, take a look for yourself here.

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