painting in progress: butterfly fairy

This painting has taken a few twists in turns in color and I am loving where it is now! Click here to see where I began. I changed the color of the hibiscus flowers so many times that I decided to email my lovely customer Noami and asked her what she would prefer the color be. She leaned more towards red and yellow and I couldn't have been happier.

So, I began adding yellow and red back to the pink white flowers of the earlier version.
Photo taken with garage light only so the colors are a bit dull here, sorry.

Here's a better picture and a great burst of color! The flowers are now red, yellow and orange and with this session I spent some time working on the butterfly wing details.

This past weekend I pumped up the colors and depth of the flowers with oil pastels, added in some white details. The blue background lost some of it's milky whiteness and instead I laid down bright blue. I added more detail to the butterfly wings and you can see the beginning of 3 small butterflies in the distance.

The colors overall are now vibrant and full of life. I love that! The three butterflies in the distance were added at Noami's request and I think they are add a wonderful new depth to the painting. I need to finish those little butterflies and this beauty will be ready to go to it's new home. I hope to be sharing a completed piece with you all next week!

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