a crafty holiday begins today!

I'm so excited, A Crafty Holiday, hosted by angela flicker at The Artists’ House begins today!  Participating blogs will feature handmade shops and items on their personal lists (be it to give or to get) and share why they are vowing to buy handmade this year. We will jump from blog to blog, one beautiful handmade item to the next, making it all the way to mid-December. I can't wait to see all the lovely handmade and artistic items!

I encourage you to check out "A Crafty Holiday" at angela flicker and where women create today.

Linda from a la mode is up Tuesday and Candy from candied fabrics is up on Wednesday.

You can view the entire “A Crafty Holiday” schedule here.


Yarn Hooker said...

i love this idea! i started making all my gifts a few weeks ago : )

Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

Yarn Hooker - haha! love it Lauren :) Isn't it a great idea. I love making handmade gifts and am excited about buying a few from other artists too!