ced: life

For this month's creative every day theme of life I immediately thought of this writing in my sketchbook ...

Just sitting, sitting that's all.
No sound.  Just noise.
Noise from outside, noise from behind, noise from in front, noise - AH - the noise from inside.
No sound. Just noise.
Faces withdrawn from each other, from themselves.
Not understanding, not realizing this is supposed to be fun. 
LIFE is supposed to be fun.    

I wrote this while in college in New York City. It is a fantastic place to people watch and I that is what I was doing when I wrote this. To see what others have been working on this week for the life theme, click here


Ana said...

It's amazing the pure thought of what existence brings in each of us. Life is, as it is..and with it come those associations we often have with it. :) Happy Creative every day month. Happy Summer

Kristen (Creative Stash) said...

Well said Ana! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy creative every day to you too!