happy halloween!

Bert & I and some of our oldest and dearest friends are all in Indio, CA right now enjoying a 3 day music festival put on by the band PHISH. This Halloween we are experiencing lots of treats and maybe even a few tricks! The boys are spending the weekend with Nannie and enjoying many treats of their own I'm sure!

Here are our little cuties in their costumes this year!

Hudson the Bumble Bee sharing some cotton candy.

Ethan and his schoolmate Caleb both dressed as Super Mario Bros.

Costumed kiddos doing the limbo!

Ethan running through a spooky haunted house!

Here are some blasts from Halloween pasts:

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2007

Halloween 2006

Halloween 2005

Wishing you and your family a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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Christine said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I hope you are feeling healthy and have a great time. Cute costumes for the boys. Did you make them yourself? Happy Halloween :)