monthly goal meetup

(image: Modish Biz Tips)

Ahh November. Weather outside is just perfect, we are spending our days visiting parks once again. All of the sudden life feels a little kinder, a little slower and a little more festive as the holidays peak around the corner. Last month I joined modish biz tips blog in their monthly goal meetup to help keep my on top of my biz goals for Creative Stash. I did not accomplish all the goals that I set in Oct but, I did start mid-month instead of at the beginning so, I guess I can cut myself a little slack. ;)

Here were my October goals and what I accomplished...

  1. create weekly schedule for marketing/business/creative time so, I'm not so overwhelmed
  2. take jewelry pictures for etsy shop
  3. gift packaging idea & photo for etsy shop
  4. website splash page
  5. new business cards
November Biz Goals:
  1. graphics referral sheet with info & prices
  2. website splash page
  3. new business cards
  4. gift packaging idea & photo for etsy shop
  5. add bookmarks to etsy shop
Best of luck to all those participating in the Monthly Goal Meetup for November!

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